Grayson Gilmore


Fullstack Web Developer


I'm Grayson Gilmore! I've been on a winding journey, from network operations technician to university professor, but I am finally coming home to my first love: writing software. I learned fullstack web development and built this portfolio in less than six months while working full time as a professor. I love nothing more than the pains and joys of learning new frameworks, languages, and techniques.

I'm excited to join a team where I can contribute and continue to grow as a developer!




    As this was my final project as a Thinkful student, I really wanted to shoot for the moon on this one. I challenged myself to pick up several frameworks and libraries outside the curriculum and broaden my knowledge as much as possible.

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      My first Angular project. I originally built this app using jQuery but the complexity of the code quickly multiplied and made it difficult to debug and reason about. I wanted to learn Angular and this project stuck out as a great candidate for a port.

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      Lego Collector


        Originally my goal for this project was to learn Flask, but in order to learn Flask I had to learn several other technologies as well, making this project an enormous learning experience.

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        Steam Battle


          My first React/Redux project. I never expected React to be so much fun! The major challenge on this project was struggling with the Steam API. It is a poor quality API: it is highly fragmented, outdated, and inadequately documented. It has multiple endpoints using different formats with no consistent return pattern. Although I think this project was successful in the end, I had to scrap many plans to make the scoring more complex and interesting due to limitations of the API.

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            Contributing to this open source project has been an invaluable experience for me as a developer. Habitica is a product I use every day, and discovering that it was not only a Node/Express app but also open source was a welcome surprise. Through my contributions I have been able to get experience working with other developers and learning a large codebase written by others.

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